Gautam Bhatia Architect

Gautam Bhatia is a Delhi-based architect, writer and artist. A recipient of several awards for his buildings, he has also published books on architecture and satire. His drawings and sculptures have been displayed in galleries in India and abroad.


B. FA, 1974, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA
M.Arch., 1977, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. USA


1. Received Ford Foundation grant for Desh Ki Awaaz, a collaborative arts project, 2004
2. Received grant from the Charles Wallace Trust for research on Colonial Architecture at the India Office Library, London,1997
3. Received grants from the Graham and Fulbright Foundations for research on mud architecture at the Aga Khan Program at Harvard University and MIT, 1992
4. Received Ford Foundation Grant for a Documentation of Mud Architecture,1986
5. Awarded 1977 Louis Kahn Fellowship in Architecture, Univ. of Pennsylvania
6. Awarded 1976 Dales Memorial Fellowship for Architectural Study in Europe
7. Awarded First Place Lisner Gallery Art Exhibition, Washington,D.C


1. 2011 First Prize, National Competition, Secretariat Building, Arunachal Pradesh
2. 2007 Archi-Design Award for Recreational Architecture
3. 2003 A+D National Award for Institutional Building
4. 2003 A+D National Award for Housing
5. 2003 A+D National Award for Hotels
6. Commendation Award 2002 Competition for the Mahatma Gandhi International University, Wardha
7. 2002 JK Architect of the Year Award for Monolith Resorts
8. 2001 Habitat Award, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre
9. 1999 Inside Outside Designer of the Year Award for Devigarh Palace Hotel, Udaipur
10. 1998 JK Architect of the Year Award for the Childrens Retreat
11. 1994 First Prize Architectural Competition for the CRY-Oxfam Headquarters
12. 1987 First Prize Architectural Competition for Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi
13. 1986 Second Prize Architectural Competition for the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts


1. Guest Editor for Architecture + Design Monograph on the House in India, 1990
2. Guest Editor for Shelter – A supplement to Inside Outside magazine, 1988
3. India Todays Architect of the Month – Questioning traditional diktats of design, architect Gautam Bhatia goes beyond the ordinary to make sure that his buildings stay true to their surroundings. Read the complete India Today Interview with Mr. Bhatia here.


1. Laurie Baker: Life, Work, and Writings, Viking, 1991
2. Punjabi Baroque, Penguin, 1994
3. Silent Spaces, Penguin, 1995
4. Malaria Dreams, Penguin, 1996
5. Punchtantra, Penguin, 1998
6. A Short History of Everything, Harper Collins, 1998
7. Eternal Stone, Edited, Penguin, 1999
8. A Moment in Architecture, Tulika, 2002
9. Comic Century, Penguin, 2004
10. Whitewash, Viveka Foundation, 2007
11. Lie, A Graphic Novel, Westland Press, 2010


1. City Fragments, Drawing and Sculpture, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, Delhi, 2016
2. Politics as Art, India Art Fair, New Delhi, 2013 and 2014
3. India Art, Group Show, Gallery Art n Soul, Mumbai, 2012
4. Desh Ki Awaaz, A Collaborative Arts Exhibit, Triveni Gallery, New Delhi, 2009
5. Nature of the City, Group Show, Religare Gallery, New Delhi, 2008.
6. Indian Art. Group Show, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, 2006.
7. Around Architecture. Group Show, Gallery SKE, Bangalore 2005.
8. The Good Life? An Exhibition of Drawings, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, January, 2004
9. Borderless Terrain. Group Show, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, September 2002
10. Looking Through Walls: An Exhibition of Drawings, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, August 2001
11. Unbuilt India: Curated exhibition on Unbuilt Projects, Vis-à-Vis Design Centre, Delhi 2001
12. Shelter in India: A 2-year research project on Indian house types. Sponsored by HUDCO, 1986
13. Traditional Architecture: A study of mud buildings. Sponsored by the Ford Foundation, 1985
14. The Mud House: Indigenous buildings in the Developing World, London 1992.
15. A Place to Live: Housing Practices Exhibition at Rabindra Bhavan, 1987. Sponsored by HUDCO

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“I did my internship from Architecture Alliance and I am really grateful that I get this opportunity to work with this firm. People here are so supportive and creative. All the interactive sessions or discussions with the team broaden my way of thinking and designing. Also, you well get inspiration at every corner of the studio, there are sculptures by Gautam sir, books, paintings and what not it was so fascinating..”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Khushika Sankhla, New Delhi
“We, my husband and I are happy owners of the perfect Gautam Bhatia designed home. It is truly magnificent. Almost like a work of art. Thanks again Gautam!.”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Ravi Singh, New Delhi