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Sanmish Energies is your one-stop shop for all your Green Energy requirements. Whether it is Piped Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas. Biogas, LPG & Solar Energy requirements. With comprehensive product and service offerings. We undertake to design, engineer, and implement bespoke solutions. according to the clients specifications. With maximum satisfaction and services that delight the end customer, we aim to achieve the highest level of client delight. By providing unwavering customer service, our focus continues to be our three guiding principles: dependability, customer service, and original equipment.

Diesel Generators are banned in Delhi & NCR Starting from 31st December 2023. It is one of the strict direction of CAQM (See Direction No-76 Dated 29 September 2023 of CAQM). It is now essential to convert your Diesel Generator to Dual Fuel now that is Diesel & Natural Gas (PNG or CNG)

We at Sanmish Energy is prominent manufacturer of CNG Cascade of all size & requirement. We are skilled and have license to convert diesel gensets to CNG or LPG using imported CNG Kits from Italy & Argentina.

Our Customer Review

“Sanmish Energies is one of the Best Company in the Conversion of Diesel Generator to Duel Fuel. We are happy to convert my industrial DG Set to CNG before Permanent Diesel Genset Ban in Delhi NCR. I would like to appreciate Sanmish for their Valuable Services to us.”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Pankaj Mehra, New Delhi
“Sanmish Energies भारत के सबसे अच्छे CNG kit लगाने वाले लोग है, इनकी लगाई हुई Diesel से CNG Generator kit बहुत फायदेमंद है, आप तो जानते है की पोलूशन के बढ़ने से सरकार कितनी चिंतित है? इसलिए आज ही अपने डीजल जनरेटर को CNG या PNG में बदलवाएं! .”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Ch. Harjeet Singh, Faridabad
“Conversion of Diesel DG Set to CNG is required as per Government to fight with air pollution. I have contacted many vendor for the same but as per market review I found Sanmish Energies reliable in the Field of CNG Ki Fitting in Diesel Generator. I will soon Convert my DG set and fulfill government compliance of Air Pollution.”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Manoj Chauhan, Gurgaon

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