Tek Logic Engineers

TEK-LOGIC is a leading repairing & servicing company with a wide range of all sizes of LED/LCD/OLED/QLED TV Panels.
  • At TEK-LOGIC we strive to provide extraordinary experience through our ‘Superior Technology’ Products and ‘Customer Friendly Service Support’ backed with ‘innovations which improve the quality lifestyle’ of our customers with ‘great entertainment. TEK-LOGIC is committed to enriching the lives of people who are associated with any part of LTR.
  • Superior Technology - TEK-LOGIC believes in providing the best technology to the customers through continuous research & development so our customers enjoy a competitive edge and also a delightful experience.
  • Customer-friendly service support- Service is the backbone of any organization. TEK-LOGIC has a consistent track record of providing its customers with high-quality, reliable, and friendly service. We are accessible, approachable, and responsive.

Our Customer Review

“We are happy that we saved a lot of money as the team was able to repair the LED Panel of our 43” LED TV and we didn’t need to replace the same.”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Rohit, Delhi