VIP CNG Cylinder Testing Delhi

Why CNG Cylinder Testing?
As per Indian Standard 8451, Gas Cylinder Rules & CCOE guidelines , CNG cylinder re-testing is required on interval of every 3 years from cylinder manufacturing date or last re-testing date to ensure 100 % safety of CNG cylinder usage.

Cng Cylinder Examination & Testing Process:
  • Receipt of CNG Cylinder
  • Checking of documents and Opening of Job Card
  • De-pressure, Degassing and De-valving of cylinder
  • Valve opening and Internal Inspection
  • External Inspection for Thickness, Bulge, Burn , Dents, Dig Etc
  • Visual Internal Examination
  • Internal cleaning & internal inspection using boroscope
  • Tare Weight Testing
  • Hydrostatic stretch Test (IS:5444)
  • Draining & Drying of cylinder
  • Cylinder Wall Thickness measurement [UT /UF]
  • Visual External Examination
  • Stamping - Test mark sign is punched after testing the fitness of the cylinder
  • Valve Fixing on Cylinders
  • Certification (Test Report)- Deliver the cylinder with Certificate

VIP CNG Cylinder Hydro Testing Centre Delhi
  • All cylinders are extensively inspected both internally and externally for signs of corrosion or damage.
  • We test all kinds of cylinders carefully to meet quality standards.
  • We follow CCOE guidelines & Indian Standard (IS) for examination of CNG Cylinders
  • All testing is done in-house and we conductJACKET method Hydro-Stretch testing of CNG cylinders.
  • Testing is done with most modern machines and supported by highly skilled engineers and technicians.
  • All parameterof testing examinations are done in professional & scientific way as per Gas cylinder rule.
  • We follows ethical business practices and day by day adding satisfied & delighted customers
  • 100% Inspection& Testing of CNG Cylinders testing
  • We strongly believe in continues improvement
  • We follow rule - Safety is first

Our Customer Review

“Best CNG Cylinder Testing for my alto Car. I have paid only 1200 for testing my CNG Cylinder for 3 year certificate. I feel fully safe after getting tested with VIP Cylinder.”
Star Rating Reviewed By : Satyam, Delhi

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